We have been connected with the railway industry practically ever since the establishment of the railway in Poland. Since 1918, we have supplied high quality fasteners to manufacturers, suppliers and other railway companies.

We manufacture: railway screws, alloy bolts, fishbolts, connecting bolts for railroad ties, turnout screws, flange bolts, ribs, hex nuts, flanged nuts, self-locking nuts, as well as other non-standard components.

ŚRUBENA-UNIA Sp. z o.o. exports its products to railway companies operating throughout the European Union - the screws leaving our factory are present on tracks and in trains around the world.




Fasteners manufactured for the railway industry are widely used in the construction of various types of turnouts, railways, parts of the railway infrastructure, machinery, buildings and many more. These products have extraordinarily good durability parameters. We can provide both standard screws and fasteners, as well as individual solutions created on the basis of the technical specification of the customer.

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