Mining is an extremely demanding industry, in which the safety and durability of constructions are the top priorities. Quite often the smallest details can decide of life or death of the miners, or whether a mining venture will be successful. Our products never fail. We manufacture screws, special screws and nuts used during the assembly of mining roof supports. All our products conform to the relevant quality standards. For over 30 years, we have been supplying the mining sector in Poland and exporting our products abroad - mainly to Germany and other countries of the European Union.

The technologies of cold and hot forming are employed in the manufacturing processes, all in accordance with the following standards: PN, DIN, ISO, EN, DIN-EN, ANSI, BS, GOST and the customer specifications. We would like to invite you to check the full range of products of ŚRUBENA-UNIA S.A.



The fasteners we supply have a large number of applications in the mining industry. Screws and nuts are used for the assembling of mining roof supports, mounting the mining machinery, setting-up the supporting structures and other structures which require the use of special joints.

We can provide a full spectrum of options - from standard products, through individual orders based on technical drawings. We can guarantee the reliability of our products.

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