For the Petrochemical industry

In the chemical industry, safety and quality play a key role. These are the highest priority aspects when producing chemical products due to their extreme application conditions as high temperatures, for example.

For this reason, special fastening technology is applied as well as the fasteners are made of special materials with specific requirements of testing and quality control. 


Product applications

We produce a wide range (M12-M39) of advanced fasteners for the petrochemical industry, in accordance with the highest requirements.

  • ISO 4014/4017/4032 class 8.8 / 8
  • ISO 4014/4017/4032 5.6/5-2
  • ISO 4014/4017/4032 made of 25CrMo4 / 1.7218 material which corresponds to the harmonized standards EN 1515-4, EN 13445-2 and EN 13480-2.

These products meet the requirements of the PED Pressure Equipment Directive and are used in pressure vessels, pumps and pipelines.

Śrubena Unia Sp. z o. o. together with its business partner F.REYHER GmbH & Co. KG has

been introducing this specific product for the chemical industry to the market since 2012.