Śrubena Unia Sp. z o. o. celebrated its 180th anniversary in 2012. For this reason, we would like to travel in time with you, and show you how a small forge was gradually transforming into a powerful factory of fasteners with a worldwide reputation. This is our history:

year 1832

A forge gets established in the Sporysz district of Żywiec,

The history of the Śrubena Unia S.A. factory has its beginnings in 1832, when the (then) owner of the estates in Żywiec, Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria, has established a forge in the Sporysz district of Żywiec - which was essentially the moment of inception of the company;

year 1832

year 1837

Transformation into a pig iron processing plant

In 1837, under the concession document of July 24, issued by C.K. the District Mining Court in Wieliczka, the Żywiec-Sporysz forge was transformed into a Pig Iron Processing Plant. It received the name of "Fryderyk Ironworks" in honour of Archduke Friedrich, who bought “Dobra Żywieckie” (Żywiec demesne) from the Wielkopolscy family in 1822;

year 1910

Beginning of the fastener manufacturing business

In 1910, the plant was sold to the “Pierwsza Galicyjska Fabryka Śrub, Nitów i Nakrętek z Oświęcimia” (“The First Galician Factory of Screws, Rivets and Nuts in Oświęcim”) belonging to the “Wiedeńska Spółka Akcyjna Breviller-Urban i Syn” (“Breviller-Urban und Son Joint-stock Company in Vienna”). From that moment, and until now, the factory has been present in the fasteners industry;

year 1910

year 1912

The establishment of the “Austriacka Spółka Akcyjna” (“Austrian Joint-Stock Company”)

In 1912, the “Austriacka Spółka Akcyjna dla Fabrykacji Śrub i Wyrobów Kutych Breviller i S-ka, A. Urban i Synowie” (“Austrian Joint-Stock Company for Manufacturing of Screws and Forged Products Brewiller and co., A. Urban & Sons”) with a registered office in Vienna gets established;

year 1945

Resumption of production after World War II

During World War II, the manufacturing plant was destroyed in 70 %. The production was resumed on July 1st 1945;

year 1945

year 1952

Expansion of the machine park

During the PRL era, “Żywiecka Fabryka Śrub” (“Żywiec Screw Factory”) - a state enterprise - has grown larger by establishing a machine park;

year 1995

Transformation into a joint-stock company

In 1995, the Screw Factory was transformed into a Joint-Stock Company and renamed to Fabryka Śrub “Śrubena S.A.”

year 1995

year 1999

Unfavourable changes on the market

In 1999, due to many unfavourable market changes, the company went bankrupt. On the basis of the divided property "Śrubena Produkcja" Sp. z o.o. “ was established, which was initially managed by the trustee of the Company's insolvency estate;

year 2005

The establishment of Śrubena Unia S.A.

In July 2005, the factory was purchased by a group of investors who formed a joint-stock company under the name of Śrubena Unia S.A.;

year 2005

year 2006

The merger of "Śrubena - Produkcja" Sp. z o.o. by Śrubena Unia S.A.

On 30.12.2006 the merger of Fabryka Śrub "Śrubena - Produkcja" Sp. z o.o. with Śrubena Unia S.A. Was performed;

15th March 2019

Śrubena Unia Sp. z o.o.

Transformation of Śrubena Unia S.A. (public limited company) into a private limited company;

15th March 2019


Mangata Holding Capital Group

Currently, 100 % of the company’s shares are owned by the Mangata Holding capital group.