We specialize in manufacturing gudgeon pins, screws and nuts for the leading European manufacturers of wind generators. These products must have an exceptionally high resistance to overloads and show a high reliability of operation even under extreme conditions. We are still expanding our range of products to meet our customers’ strict requirements. The fasteners intended for the power industry meet all the relevant European and world standards. We offer products with mechanical properties of all classes, manufactured both in accordance with the applying standards and individual requirements.

We realize that machines as sophisticated as wind turbines require strong fasteners and reliable solutions, which is why we approach every step of designing and manufacturing of the screws intended for the power industry with due seriousness.



These products can be used in wind generators and turbines, as well as in fixed structural elements. The segment of products intended for the power engineering industry undergoes constant development to keep pace with the rapid development of wind power engineering driven both by global trends and the EU directives. The specificity of applications of these products is related to the specific technical and quality requirements, which our company fully understands and meets at all times.

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